Friday, 22 July 2011

What's it all about?


So I've set up a blog with a name which matches my usual online identity. MTGradwell. What am I going to put in it?

I'm a regular commenter on numerous blogs and other websites, for instance I have a back-catalogue of 699 posts on the Huffington Post. I've written stories (or at least I've written bits of stories - most of them I'll admit are unfinished), some of which have won competitions  and/or  been highly praised.I've answered questions, both technical and non-technical, sung online karaoke, and much, much more. In the past I've participated in vigorous Usenet discussions and set up my own websites to put forward various points of view. I haven't maintained those sites - they took up too much time for too little visible reward - but I like to think that they have had some influence, even though many scientists still persist even to this day in believing that the universe is expanding rather than collapsing. :-)

Despite all of that, my Peerindex was just 1 yesterday.  (On the other hand it's 3 today, which I suppose I should count as a remarkable achievement - who else has managed to triple their Peerindex in just one day?)

So why am I, at least until yesterday, possibly the least influential person on the Internet? With an index of 1, and "activity 0 authority 0")? Surely the person who gave a name to the next Facebook killer should be able to do better than that?

That's where this blog comes in. Whenever I place what I think is a particularly interesting comment on some other blog, or do anything else that might just possibly merit  some attention, I'll place a link here, so that future Internet archeologists will have a central location at which to begin their excavations. I might also resurrect some of my older stuff here. There'll be no overarching theme, because I tend to comment on just about anything and everything, whatever catches my eye. I'm a programmer, but there probably won't be much programming here. When I want to write on a subject like that, I'll start a new blog that's dedicated to it. For instance, you can see the blog on SEO (search engine OptiMUM) that I started a couple of days ago here. I'll mention others as and when they get started.

If you've read this far, I'll assume you're one of those archeologists from the future, since there's not likely to be a lot of contemporary interest in the online ramblings of Martin Gradwell / MTGradwell. So, what's it like there? Does Fregobo really become "the next Facebook killer"? Please comment and let me know. Thanks.

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